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Office – Office software suites, updates and viewers

Microsoft Office Drivers – What is it all about?

When it comes to productivity tools, office applications are perhaps some of the most used utilities in the PC space. From word processors and email clients to presentation software and spreadsheet editing, office applications have become a standard suite in many installations making support requirements a necessity reflecting its distribution.

Like any other software program, office suites and applications have their own updates and service packs. This ensures a bug-free environment and well as a safer system. Service packs contain a collection of updates and security patches and as such are always recommended to install.

Service Packs should generally be installed as they are made available and usually contain all prior released updates. Depending on manufacturer, higher-numbered service packs may include all previously released service packs so it is always a good idea to check installation procedures to make sure your system is as safe as it can be.

Due to different suites being available on the market, compatibility issues can arise and format wars are never easy on the end-user. Viewers and convertors give you the option to view files for which you do not have the software installed, without going through the expense of buying the software. A win-win situation if we ever saw one.